Polished Look Hair Kit by Boutique Equines


Polished Look Hair Kit

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Polished Look Hair Kit by Boutique Equines

Finally it has arrived and all your polished look needs are now complete with a touch of boutique

Our creation was designed with all our love and passion knowing just how important having 1 storage solution for all your polished look needs on competition day

So many years of development has gone into this design, times we have been with you at events and either in midst of a polished look consultation or as a rider in the stables we have witnessed all your hair accessories are just either thrown into your helmet case or in a plastic bag that you found laying around.

Stock in another place and of gosh where are my gloves you ask???

Now with one of our purposely designed Polished Look Hair Kits your hair accessories, gloves, stocks, earrings, sunscreen, lip balm and make up can be perfectly stored and all ready to go each and every competition

Easy clean, robust outer with more storage compartments that you can wish for and finished with a silver metal zip

Let us share the story with you over a coffee or glass of bubbles when next we meet?

Case Colour:

  • Navy

Colour Options:

  • Blonde
  • Brown
  • Bronze

Hair Kit includes – 

Bamboo Hair brush

1 Premium medium 7cm donut

1 Premium small 6cm donut

Silicon Hair elastics

U Pins with gel coated ends

Bobby Pins with gel coated ends

Replenishment kits for just the above available too – See here 

For dimensions please see “size chart”

Size Chart

Polished Look Kit Size Chart 2Polished Look Kit Size Chart 1

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