About Us


I can honestly put my hand on my heart and admit that I like the finer things in life, however as we all know too well when you own a horse(s) the price tag of those finer things can, at times, be out of reach……

Searching for quality items for a fair price can be far and few between these days, here at Boutique Equines we channel our resources to find just that in order to supply them to the every day rider.

My passion is to source high quality, affordable accessories from Australia & European manufacturers to fellow equestrian enthusiasts throughout Australia & New Zealand

My vision is to make each and every rider love they way they feel, love they way they look.

A polished look starts with a touch of boutique!

Katherine Dunstan

Founder & Director


The first European experience was to travel to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in 2014, Normandy France.

Witnessing the legendary Valegro & Charlotte Dujardin in the flesh & bringing so much emotion to the entire stadium will be unforgettable life experience.

Realising that dreams can come true whilst driving alone on the autobahn bound for Warrendorf Germany to experience the much anticipated Bundeschampionate.

“Just believe in yourself” is a term heard regularly……. & it’s true!

From that day Boutique Equines was no longer a pipeline dream, it became reality.

The name of the business was derived from my stunning Brentano II Weltmeyer mare – Boutique II (aka Belle) who brought SO much joy into my life

The every day Amateur owner/rider is what keeps this industry afloat and if it wasn’t for the support of this majority, a small business such as Boutique Equines would cease to exist.

It is this market that Boutique Equines will proudly support by providing unique accessories at an affordable price

Our vision is to provide a touch of boutique to each and every equestrian enthusiast to help them achieve their polished look….

Below is Belle (chestnut) and her late daughter Filipa (Brentano II x First Love) Boutique For Love …. you will be forever in my heart