Kaitlin Long Sleeve by Boutique Essentials


Kaitlin long sleeve cotton bamboo training top

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Kaitlin Long Sleeve by Boutique Essentials

The sun is something we all love and adore yet we need to protect ourselves from it more than we like to admit.  The Kaitlin long sleeve has been a training top that the team has had in development now for over 2 years, testing, riding and washing luscious Cotton + Bamboo fabric we have used.

A beautiful and soft cotton bamboo material that not only feels like powder against your skin it is also strong protection against the sun being a UPF 50+ material

Exercising in the hot conditions and directly in the sun, regardless of what you are wearing, you will still sweat and get hot… we are simply trying to reduce that heat stress using materials like this.

Combined with our flattering design and utilising the Sara Polo moisture wicking material under arms and side body to maximise ventilation, you will feel 100% polished even after you ride.

We designed this long sleeve with elegance in mind and a less is more approach yet it is finished with a touch of boutique in the details that make it so polished.

Available in 6 sizes

  • XS / S/ M/ L/ XL / 2XL

2 colours

  • Navy with natural white accents
  • Natural White with navy accents


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