Get the Polished Look

You are at the right place to my friend to find YOUR unique polished look!

What is a polished look you might say?

Colour coordination from head to toe including your beloveds forelock, to the tip of their tail….. each and every detail is just as important as the other to achieve your overall polished look

Whether you are a minimalist wanting a fine elegant simplistic look or if you are one that is bold and loves sparkles…. to achieve your polished look –¬†Balance is the key

We can help with a touch of boutique with:

  • Competition hair styling
  • Rider Outfit styling
  • Bespoke Browband designs
  • Custom designed Otto Schumacher Bridle wear

Polished look consultations offer you a personalised experience to assist your selection process of any of our accessories to incorporate your everyday or competition events

Be unique, be your own, be Boutique

Contact us now for you polished look consultation or view our gallery to inspire you


Boutique Support

The Boutique Equines team chooses to support the following foundations – McGrath Foundation & Buy a Bale We kindly request a gold coin donations for anytime we provide a touch of boutique for your polished look in competition day