Boutique Equines Baseball Cap by Boutique Equines


Boutique Equines baseball cap

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Boutique Equines Baseball Cap by Boutique Equines

The Boutique Equines label finally has a premium hat within the boutique essentials range

Protection from the sun is SUPER important especially now in 2021 and there is nothing easier to give yourself protection than wearing a hat.

I wear a hat most days and especially on a bad hair day or when needing to hide helmet hair!

Instead of wearing my NY hat or some other equestrian brand I finally decided it was time to source these for the Boutique Equines fans

This quality is second to none and is on par with a NY Yankees quality as this was super important to me.

The shape and design was researched with numerous samples to find a fit and shape that I believe will suit majority of us out there

A snap clip closure at back to get the best fit and also not to pull hair out was another item I was not willing to compromise on.

I hope you will love this as much as I do – Kath

Available in Black & Navy

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