Belle Pearl Scrunchie by Boutique Equines


Belle Pearl Scrunchie by Boutique Essentials

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Belle Pearl Scrunchie by Boutique Equines

When you want an elegant less is more approach and pearls are you things then the Belle Pearls by Boutique Equines provides any rider an elegant touch of boutique

Great for riders that don’t want to have a large bun at the back and prefer to have a nice small tight polished look this scrunchie used alone is the perfect choice

Mix and match them by doing the Alicia twist or wrap them a Glamour or some Roses for a fuller look and adds a great contrast to each other

See our gallery images to create:

  • Camilla Wrap – Rose & Metallic Beads
  • Alicia Twist – 2 x Belle pearls
  • Alicia Glamour – Metallic Beads & Glamour scrunchie

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