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Pure Vitality

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Pure Vitality by Green Valley Naturals

Pure Vitality by Green Valley Naturals is an Omega enriched, low starch semi-concentrate, hemp superfibre muesli mix.

Horses derive dietary energy from a multitude of sources. A combination of fibre, starch, and fat is generally the best way to fuel performance, whether it is for breeding stock, on the trail, or in the show arena. Providing your horse with a high-fibre, low-slarch feed can assist to help regulate blood glucose levels which intern will help to curb excitability, insulin resistance or sensitivity, obesity, and muscle disorders or stiffness.


Green Valley Naturals Hemp balancer pellet with NATU-HEMP, pea pollard, canola meal, lupin meal, ground almond hulls, hemp seed hulls, cereal by-products, steam rolled lupins, steam rolled barley, beet pulp flakes, sunflower seeds, monodicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, GVN High Performance Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Molafoss Gold oil, salt, natural vitamin E and biotin.

Pure Vitality contains added Pro(N8)ure IFS “In feed Solution” combining three essential elements; a Dual-Strain Probiotic, a Prebiotic and a Multi-Strain enzyme to form a natural microflora management tool for improved digestion resulting in better performance and good



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