CROWN Show Master Snaffle Bridle by SD Design


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SD Design Crown Series range high quality & cost effective

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CROWN Show Master Snaffle Bridle by SD Design

5The Show Master bridle is  beautiful & elegant bridle along with being developed in the anatomical style we have all grown to love from SD Design

The Show Master style offers a bridle with a classic look whose design is based on your horse anatomy.

Highlighting the headpiece which offers memory foam padding to subside any pressure from the poll and the anatomical shape ensures your partner is 100% comfortable

Includes a set of webbed reins 


  • Black with White padding
  • Black with Black padding
  • Patent Black with White padding
  • Patent Black with Black padding


  • PONY
  • COB
  • FULL


Features of the SD Design Range
* Memory foam in head piece & noseband for optimal pressure relief and comfort.
* Ultra light
* Noseband chin pad new size is 4x12cm.
* Extra large cutback behind the ears, so there is no pressure on them and they have full ear movement,
* Extra padding below the ears to minimise any further the pressure
* 7cm wide head piece at widest point to
* Anatomic shaped noseband who is wide in the middle and very narrow in the sides, to avoid pressure on the fascial nerves.
* The noseband is 5cm wide in the middle and only 2cm side in the sides.
* Curved browband
* Including web reins.

Size Chart

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